The Most Gorgeous Accessories At The Oscars Were In The Hair
The minute
Rachel Weisz stepped onto the Oscars red carpet, we had questions:
Is that a pre-made headband? Are those really diamonds? And most importantly, where can we cop? As her hairstylist for the night,
Mark Townsend, revealed on
Instagram, that “headband” is actually two antique Cartier hair pins from… wait for it… 1903. Yeah, you read that right. And it took
a lot of work to get those two pins to stay. “The timeless Cartier hair pins were on a clear wire so I used a whopping 50 pins to secure it to her hair,” Townsend said in a press release. “The best part? None of the pins are exposed because I lifted the hair behind her ears and all the pins are laying flat under the hair near the nape of the neck.” That’s skill.