The One Where Friends Is Never Coming Back
The title of Kelsey Miller’s new book
, I’ll Be There For You: The One About Friends,” practically wrote itself.
Friends has been off the air for 14 years, and yet the episodes’ title format is still immediately recognizable. We live in a post-
Friends world. Yet, as Miller points out in her expertly written book, this cultural landscape of ours — one in which the
Rachel Green haircut still makes headlines and people who were
born before the sitcom’s 1994 premiere now binge-watch it on Netflix (along with Gen-Zers who have since discovered its singular magic) —nearly didn’t exist. “Today, it’s impossible to envision a television landscape in which
Friends did not succeed, so far-reaching was its influence. But so much had to happen to get that single, just-fine pilot on the air. So much had to go right,” Miller writes, setting us up for a fascinating journey of discovering what cosmic alignment of events went right for
Friends to become what it became.