The Pittsburgh Shooting Proves Trump Emboldens Racists — & Social Media Empowers Them
It is not shocking that white supremacists are using social networks to spread anti-Semitic and racist conspiracy theories. It is shocking that they are so brazen, so unconcerned about the repercussions for doing so. The lack of governance and moderation on these platforms empowers these actors.
Twitter has stated that it has no intention of preventing the president from engaging in online harassment or promoting violence against journalists. After the mail bomb suspect was arrested,
journalist Rochelle Richie revealed that she had reported the threatening messages he previously sent her on Twitter. Twitter claimed to have found no violation of their rules originally but after his arrest, the platform
admitted to having made a mistake. On Gab, site administrators claim that harassment, conspiracy theories, and anti-Semitic content are all part of the platform’s key feature: almost unrestricted free speech.