The Price Is Not Right: Amazon Sellers Gouged Prices By As Much As 1,000% During COVID-19
Amazon has a Fair Pricing Policy that warns that, although sellers can set prices at their own discretion, the company will remove listings and suspend sellers that are found to violate this policy and “harm customer trust.” Despite that, Public Citizen alleges that it’s not just third-party sellers that are the problem. “What is more troubling,” the report reads, “is that the highest percentage price increases that this report has identified were on products listed as ‘sold by Amazon.’” Examples include a 50-pack of disposable face masks that cost around $4 before COVID-19 and rose by over 1,000% to $39.99, as observed between April 1st and August 16th. A 1,000-sheet 8-pack of toilet paper was sold for as much as $36.39 between May 26th and August 16th, when other retailers have sold this exact item for $6.89, according to the report.

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