The Real Reason America Has Never Had A Female President
Why are some voters choosing Buttigieg over a policy heavyweight who has brought more exciting
and well thought-out ideas to the table than any candidate so far? Like the senator from Massachusetts, he’s a capitalist who wants to tax the rich and get big money out of politics. Like Warren, he’s also open to abolishing both the Senate filibuster and the Electoral College so Democrats can actually make their proposals happen. But unlike her, he doesn’t have a ton of specific details on his plans or experience bringing them to life. “I really like Pete Buttigieg. He is intelligent. He is decent. He is curious,”
tweeted commentator Jill Filipovic. “But when he says, ‘I think that policy matters, I’m a policy guy,’ but all of his policies are basically Warren’s (except less specific and less progressive), I wonder why he’s not working for her.” Good question.