The Truth About Whether Professional Facials Are Worth Your Money
Also of note is that the sheer number of treatments on the market at wildly different price points can be mind-boggling; knowing where to start navigating the jargon is basically a language in itself. But Dr. Tonks says that facials can largely be broken down into a few categories. “You have your proper clinical facials, where you’ll be getting extractions, maybe an
LED mask, a professional-strength peel, something like HydraFacial or an oxygen treatment maybe added on,” she says. “That could be anywhere from $100 to $200.” Three digits is a lot, but Dr. Tonks explains that you’re paying for the cost of the machines (a salon-grade LED machine, for example, can cost up to $15,000), as well as for a highly-trained therapist who may come from a medical background.