The U.K. Approved The Pfizer Vaccine. What Does It Mean For The U.S.?
As soon as next week, 800,000 doses will be ready for use in the U.K., The New York Times reports. Nursing home residents and caregivers will be first to receive the vaccine, according to a release from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization. For now, the U.K. has pre-ordered 40 million doses of this vaccine, enough to vaccinate 20 million people. The U.K. government has pre-ordered doses of other promising vaccines as well; it also agreed to provide doses to overseas territories such as Anguilla when they can, The Daily Herald reported in November. “The more people we can get vaccinated faster, the better it is for the entire planet,” says Amesh Adalja, MD, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “Even though it’ll start with trickles, eventually we’ll have a vaccine program for the world.”

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