The Unexpected, Therapist-Approved Cure For Quarantine Cooking Fatigue

Assuming you were not born into card-carrying adulthood, you’re surely familiar with the term “Opposite Day.” Not so much a calendared holiday as a state of mind, it’s an inversion of your traditional daily framework: On Opposite Day, up means down, clothes are worn backwards, commonplace habits are called into question. And at this precise moment, while our weeks are often characterized by a marathon of dull, monotonous sameness, the very ethos of Opposite Day is more vital than ever. “Our brains thrive on novelty, we need change. You cannot grow in absolute stasis,” says certified family therapist Dr. Kathryn Smerling, Ph.D., LCSW. “So, whenever possible, take the opportunity to subvert your routines. Work at night, and take the morning off. Switch up your side of the bed. Have your pancakes for supper.” 

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