The World Is Hana Vu’s Oyster

Directed by Vu’s friend and “At the Party” collaborator Peter Ferris Rosati, the video feels and looks like a daydream. It’s synth-y, chill, and (appropriately) extremely L.A.. Vu is alone, save for a new fish friend at the end, willingly isolating herself from friends by staying on her phone all day. As in her first EP, How Many Times Have You Driven By, there’s a thread of melancholy weaved throughout. It’s a bit sad girl pop, but better. Her songs, like “Outside,” don”t stay sad; they swell and compress likes the waves in the ocean. You can dance to it, or zone out to it, or cry to it. But after speaking with Vu, I’d say she probably wants you to laugh at it, because it’s really not that serious.