The Worst Beauty Moments Of 2018 — & What We Can Learn From Them

Brands Were Accused Of Photoshopping Foundation Swatches

Back in August, it was uncovered that a handful of beauty brands were running a swatch scam. Refinery29 contributor Amber Rambharose reported that makeup companies were using photo-editing technologies to lighten or darken the skin of hand models in an attempt to make a particular foundation range appear more inclusive.

In the full article, Ofunne Amaka, founder of @Cocoaswatches, an Instagram account that showcases swatches on underrepresented skin tones, speaks to why swatch deception needs to be rectified. “Swatches really become the only way someone can accurately guesstimate what shades to purchase when shopping online,” Amaka explained. “Swatches are especially important for women of color and people of color who often aren’t able to find their shades in stores.”