There Are Only 3 Types Of Packers In The World. Which One Are You?
Strategies (or the lack thereof) for arriving at your destination with the correct combination, quantity, and type of belongings — with room for souvenirs — are as individual as the packers themselves. So here, in a trio of wildly specific character sketches in which you might recognize yourself, we’ve imagined three common packer archetypes with highly gift-able, adventure-ready items from
Gucci‘s Cruise 2020 collection — and given each an airport-security-style X-ray reveal. It’s a quirky take on the most meaningful journey of the year — because however long and harrowing getting there may be, the most important thing is that we show up at all, with full hearts, gifts for friends and family (and perhaps a cheeky something for oneself), and the gratitude that we get to spend this precious time together.

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