These Are The Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

With warmer weather on the way, a lot of people have travel on their minds, whether it’s for fun or for work.

And when it comes to the latter, many companies are opening up benefits to accommodate more work-from-home flexibility, remote work options, and vacation days. Many employers are even offering unlimited vacation days. But some people want to take things a bit further.

Taking time away from work to travel is important, but what if there was a way to see the world as part of your job? There are several positions and career paths where travel is actually part of the job description. If you’re looking to build a career that includes a lot of travel, you’ve come to the right place.

Indeed has put together a list of ten jobs that require traveling. It’s the perfect resource for anyone looking to make a career pivot to something that involves a bit more jet-setting. All of the following jobs are currently available on Indeed — and they’ve even listed examples of the companies that are currently looking to fill these types of roles.

If you’re sick of your job, ready to spend some time away from your current city, or just want to expand your horizons, one of the following jobs might be your ticket to a different life.

1. Software Engineer

Travel time: Up to 30%

Average base salary: $107,896

Who’s hiring:Microsoft, Hadoop Technologies

2. Senior Consultant

Travel time: 50-100%

Average base salary: $97, 139

Who’s hiring:Deloitte, Accenture, Amazon Web Services

3. Sales Enablement Manager

Travel time: 50%

Average base salary: $74,374

Who’s hiring:Siemens, Hayes Software System, Okta, CVS Health

4. Partnerships Manager

Travel time: Up to 50%

Average base salary: $68,554

Who’s hiring:Hulu, MedBridge, CapCom Corporate

5. Technical Trainer

Travel time: Up to 75%

Average base salary: $62,608

Who’s hiring:Google Cloud, Microsoft, Honeywell, FlashParking, Epson

6. Retail Buyer

Travel time: Up to 35%

Average base salary: $60,255

Who’s hiring: Valentino Fashion Group, Barnes & Noble, Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods Market

7. Sales Account Manager

Travel time: Up to 50%

Average base salary: $59,736

Who’s hiring:Sonesta, Dropbox

8. Promotional Events Manager

Travel time: Up to 60%

Average base salary: $48,504

Who’s hiring:Apple, Pandora Media, SiriusXM

9. Travel Nurse

Travel time: contract-based (13 weeks to 24 months)

Average base salary: $1,697 a week

Who’s hiring:Advantage RN, Ventura Medstaff, TravelCare USA

10. Flight Attendant

Travel time: 100%

Average base salary: $18.70 an hour

Who’s hiring: United Airlines, Trans-Exec Air Services, Las Vegas Jet Charter

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