These Are the Companies That Millennials and Gen Zers Most Want to Work for

Check out where Amazon, Google and Facebook stack up in the rankings.

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Millennials aren’t quite the demographic monolith you might think.

The oldest millennials are 31 to 35 years old, younger millennials range from 26 to 30 and then you have Generation Z, with members ranging from 18 to 25. It’s safe to say that someone’s approach to work and technology who was born in 1983 could certainly vary from that of someone who was born in 2000. But according to careers site Comparably, while those experiences might differ, older and younger millennials and Generation Z do have a fair bit in common when it comes to the companies they would be most excited to work for.

In a study that queried 23,000 people ages 18 to 35, Comparably found that for older millennials, their 10 most wanted employers were Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, Apple, Airbnb, Twitter and Netflix.

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For polled younger millennials, the list is similar, with a few spots swapped around: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Apple, Twitter and Netflix.

Generation Z respondents were most interested in working for Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, Apple, Twitter, Snap, LinkedIn and Airbnb.

Comparably also looked at perceptions of the companies’ cultures, with factors such as how the employees felt about the CEO and executive leadership, how women and other underrepresented groups rated their experiences working for the company, how workers felt about their compensation packages and how they rated the perks offered by the company.

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In terms of an overall culture score, Netflix, Facebook and Google were in the top three, and Uber was at the bottom of the list. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and Netflix CEO Reid Hastings were ranked the highest, and Airbnb’s Brian Chesky was ranked the lowest.

Among women, Facebook and Netflix got the highest ratings, with Airbnb bringing up the rear. For people of color, Facebook and Netflix were also the highest, with Uber at the bottom of the list.

On the compensation front, Facebook and Google were ranked highest, and Airbnb got the lowest score. For perks and other benefits, LinkedIn got the top spot, and Amazon was the lowest.