Think Outside The Box (Of Chocolates) With These 25 Valentine’s Day Gifts

News flash: February 14th is a little under three weeks out. With the treat-laden occasion that is Valentine’s Day in the crosshairs, you may be in the market for something small-but-special that you can present over a candlelit dinner that doesn’t fall under the category of a stuffed toy that was obviously purchased at a national drugstore chain. If you’re looking at all, then you likely want the gift to feel like a respite from the gendered token of a bygone romantic era, and more in step with your unique relationship.

With this in mind, we rounded up the little things (and a few big ones): all the must-have accessories for Netflix and chill; unexpected cards that feel unique, thoughtful, and heartfelt; and even some flower alternatives (both living and artificial) that will stand out among the traditional delivery of long-stem roses. Click through to find that special something for your special someone — no matter their gender or orientation.

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Cost Plus World Market Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper

You know you are going to Netflix and chill with this person for the rest of your days — or, at the very least, this weekend — so why not gift them with the perfect snack-making equipment for your couchbound quality time? This lil’ popcorn popper will cook kernels up in the microwave for a quick, no-mess snack to get you through that Friday-night Cheer binge.

Cost Plus World Market Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper, $, available at Cost Plus World Market

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Classic Limited Edition – Chili Pepper

Whether you need to clip a loose thread, file a broken nail, or need to quickly open a box, a classic Swiss Army Knife does it all. Snap up one of these useful tools (reimagined in extra-hot packaging) just in time for Valentine’s.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Classic Limited Edition – Chili Pepper, $, available at Amazon

“You Were Born For This” by Chani Nicholas

Our obsession — actually, make that the entire astrology community’s obsession — with Chani Nicholas knows no bounds, and her empowering new book combines star-gazing insights with tools for self-actualization. Remind your partner that they are special to you and to the universe with this supportive tome.

Chani Nicholas You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance, $, available at Amazon

Winky Lux Steal My Heart Lipstick

This creamy, duo-core lipstick comes in three shades (classic crimson, baby pink, and orangey-red) and the heart-shaped bullet is too adorable for words.

Winky Lux Steal My Heart Lipstick – Kiss Me, $, available at Winky Lux

Cakes of Eden Cake Pop Making Kit

Another alternative to the obvious? An all-accessories-included kit so that you and your honey can make your own sweets on the indulgence-fueled holiday. It’ll be a million times better than anything store-bought, simply because it was a joint effort. (If cake pops aren’t your speed, there are kits out there for chocolate lovers and gummy enthusiasts, too.)

Cakes of Eden Complete Cake Pop Making Kit, $, available at Amazon

Pinsanity Enamel Pins

Are you in the market for just a little bitty treasure to signify your romantic feelings? Pinsanity has lapel-decor that ranges from the traditionally Valentinian (a red rose) to the offbeat and clever (anatomical heart, anyone?) to the tongue-in-cheek (George Constanza engaging in the timeless art of seduction).

Pinsanity The Timeless Art of Seduction Enamel Lapel Pin, $, available at Amazon

Pinsanity Pinsanity Anatomical Heart Enamel Lapel Pin, $, available at Amazon

Pinsanity Red Rose Enamel Lapel Pin, $, available at Amazon

Hay Tann Toothbrush

For those among us who are in that special, delicately fetal stage of couplehood and find themselves on the brink of making it official, may we suggest the ultimate object of commitment? Gift your boo with this Danish-designed toothbrush on February 14th, but with one caveat — they have to leave it at your place. Awww.

Hay Tann Toothbrush, $, available at Hay

Maude Shine Organic Personal Lubricant

There’s obviously no better time for a sexy gift than February 14th — the real challenge is figuring out just what bedroom accessory is going to do the trick. Because we don’t know your specific orientation or what makes your unique freak flag fly, we’re going to recommend a crowd-pleaser. Lube — specifically Maude’s moisturizing, paraben-free natural aloe formula — is a sex-cessory that can enhance intimacy for any copulating couple.

Maude shine. organic personal lubricant, $, available at Maude

Coming Soon Golden Fortune Cookie (With Hidden Message)

This gilded dessert is tricked out with a nifty hinge so that you can open it up and insert your very own secret message — a cool and keepsake-y alternative to a paper card.

Coming Soon Golden Fortune Cookie, $, available at Coming Soon

Urban Outfitters Photo Clip Banner

For a mere $12, you can boost a DIY gift to seriously special proportions: instead of spreading rose petals on the ground (which we don’t think anyone has actually done, ever) print out some cherished snapshots of you and your boo, and surprise them with a quick and easy interior re-decoration.

Urban Outfitters Metal Photo Clips Banner, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Modern Sprout Mint Indoor Garden Kit

Sure, you could say it with flowers — but you could also say it with a fresh mint plant. With a minimal, chic opaque glass pot and relatively low-fi care needs, this green gift will trump the short shelf life of stemless flora — and serve as a tasty garnish for your at-home mojito.

Modern Sprout Mint Indoor Garden Kit, $, available at Verishop

Daughters Night Ritual Pillow Spray

We’re willing to bet that the bedroom is a hotbed (!) of activity in your coupledom, but it’s also a place where you relax, have serious conversations, drink coffee, and possibly eat the occasional meal. Oh, and don’t forget sleep. Give your partner the gift of nighttime relaxation and a spa-like atmosphere with Daughters’ aromatherapy pillow spray, scented with lavender and bergamot to help reduce restlessness and insomnia.

Daughters Night Ritual Pillow Spray, $, available at Need Supply

OstrichPillow Light Reversible Travel Pillow

Ridiculous, you say? Unsightly and embarrassing? Well, there are a few hundred people who went on record to disagree with you, singing the praises of this alien-like but thoroughly comfortable pillow through reviews left on Amazon, Nordstrom, and “So strange and so lovely,” said reviewer Bryce on the pillow’s e-commerce website. “Love this thing on my head in my seat on a plane. My wife says people walk by and just stare and smile!” Reviewer Florian simply stated, “This is my happy place!”

Ostrich Pillow LIGHT Travel Pillow for Airplane Neck Support, $, available at Amazon

Sudachan Dachshunds on Bicycle Cards (Set of 10)

For some, V-day is a cards-only holiday: you find a cute paper good that expresses your love and hand it over at the romantic restaurant that you and your partner hit up every February 14th. However, you can’t just show up with any old Hallmark tomfoolery — the card in question must be adorable and highly thoughtful. Enter designer Sudachan’s heart-melting cycling pups card. We have to quote the product description here: “These dachshunds are taking a break from their busy schedules by going on a bicycle ride. There’s no stopping them.” If this doesn’t embody you and your partner’s Saturday-morning approach to life, you’re doing it wrong.

Sudachan Dachshunds on Bicycle Cards (Set of 10), $, available at Amazon

Vintage Valentines

You could also switch it up with a throwback treasure like one of the thousands of vintage Valentine’s cards on Etsy.

AlbinaVintage Lot of Three Vintage Valentines, $, available at Etsy

RoseBYANDER Love Sign Pendant

This 14K gold pendant depicts the American Sign Language hand gesture for love — we can’t imagine a more universally appropriate gift for the national holiday of romance.

RoseBYANDER Love Sign Pendant, $, available at RoseBYANDER

Glossier You + Pro Tip + Lip Gloss Bundle

OK, we know this seems like a present in line with a bowling ball labeled “Homer”, but hear us out. People — all people — rave about Glossier’s You fragrance. It’s formulated to adjust to the body’s unique chemistry, making it a perfect unisex options that smells a little different on everyone. And isn’t that what you love about your boo — their special “you”-ness? The top-rated lipgloss and eyeliner that comes in this bundle are either a.) great additions to a multi-part gift for a makeup-wearing partner or b.) things for you to keep for yourself after you gift just the fragrance.

Glossier Glossier You + Pro Tip + Lip Gloss, $, available at Glossier

ClassPass Monthlong Free Trial

Whether you love a gym rat or your partner is trying to prioritize fitness in 2020, ClassPass makes for a choose-your-own-adventure gift that keeps on giving. Here’s a fun hack if you’re a little low on funds this V-day: “buy” your lover 30 days of the service during their monthlong free trial offer! They’ll be none the wiser, and you can save your pennies for a nice dinner. (Earlybird shoppers, this gift is for you — the promo ends on January 31st.)

We Are Knitters Happy Cushion

Do you love a crafter? There’s no better way to communicate your feelings than with a heart-themed DIY gift. If your partner is less-than-handy, never fear — the “easy” level kit from We Are Knitters is a fun way for you to hand-make a heartfelt gift for your loved one.

We Are Knitters Happy Cushion, $, available at We Are Knitters

Allbirds Bird Sleep Mask

If a pair of the cozy kicks is a little out of your budget on V-day, may we suggest something less expensive and more indulgent? This softer-than-soft sleep mask is made from the same wool as the brand’s heavenly sneakers and will bring sweet dreams once the night’s… ahem, activities have subsided.

Allbirds Bird Mask, $, available at Allbirds

Vinebox Red and Roses Bundle

Instead of attempting the impossible-to-secure dinner reservation on February 14, why not Seamless your favorite takeout and conduct a wine tasting at home with Vinebox’s bundle of five reds and four rosés? Tailored for a romantic — or just slightly tipsy — evening in, the selection of reds hail from France, Spain, and Italy, and the Loire Valley-produced rosés will offer a fresh dose of our favorite “all day” beverage.

Vinebox Reds & Rosés, $, available at Vinebox

Madewell Beau Unisex Fragrance

A unisex fragrance called “Beau”? We‘ll take it. With notes of Palo Santo, coconut, leather, and cedar, this earthy scent is sure to please partners of any persuasion.

Madewell Madewell Beau Fragrance, $, available at Madewell

Sunnylife Monstera Neon Light

Sure, the temptation is to get flowers for your partner — or, in our modern times, a plant. However, if green-thumbery isn’t their strong suit, this everlasting neon greenery will freshen up their living space just as nicely — and it’ll last longer, too.

Sunnylife Monstera Neon Light, $, available at Cara Cara

Anthropologie Codify Pencil Holder

OMG. Our highly organized hearts are going pitter-pat at the sight of this cool, sleek desk organizer. It’s got enough wabi-sabi randomness to please the impressionistic sensibilities of your stuff-everywhere partner, but will corral pretty much everything on those days that you’re furiously cleaning up after them. Love’s grand, ain’t it?

Anthropologie Codify Pencil Holder, $, available at Anthropologie

Heart-Shaped Inflatable Pool

It’s all about the hearts this holiday, right? Take this motif to its limits with this “kiddie” pool that will actually fit up to three adults. Sure, you’ll have to save it for the summer — but your boo will thank you once the season rolls around and backyard hangs are in full effect. Heart-Shaped Inflatable Pool, $, available at

An old-fashioned way to start planning you and your S.O.’s next romantic getaway.
When you can’t always be there to keep them warm, this puffer coat will. (Someone get me a job at Hallmark, stat.)
— PAID —
Meet the everyday bag they’ll actually love — boasting separate tech pockets, a sleek leather exterior, and a hint of hardware. Your S.O. will think about you every time they’re on the go.
Let them know that they’re your lobster.
Prepare to be the most-loved person in the world. These protective sneaker boxes are sold in two, but we bet if you buy a whole wall of them you’re guaranteed to be off the hook for anything wrong you do ever again.
A fancy key charm is good. But if you’r ready to take the next step, a fancy key charm with a spare set of keys to your apartment is even better.
Cheesy becomes cute when it’s for the one you love. This fill-in-the-blanks book let’s you customize your own love story.
All of the handcrafted love…without any of the actual handcrafting.

Available at Recently.

Up your romantic game with a sweet new way to go stargazing.
If your S.O. travels frequently for work and can’t keep alive any surprise flower deliveries, try a trio of cute succulents instead. Every time they come back from a trip, they’ll be waiting there with nary a tear for missing a few days of being watered.
It’s a smart pen and notepad in a slick leather case that transfers anything you write straight to your phone via Bluetooth. The real question is: Would anyone not want this?
Have a best gal pal in your life? Split a pack of the new adult version of friendship bracelets.
Honestly, these are a hilarious gift for anyone. Spoiler: Taylor Swift and Ray J’s faces make up the the joker cards.
Are you and your honey bun the most extra? Let them KNOW it.
Give them a way to wear you close to their heart all day long. This sweet and small underpinning brooch (which fastens to bra straps, lapels, or you know, a wedding dress) allows you to monogram your initial so your partner can carry a piece of you everywhere they go.
A little prep for the activities later in the night (wink).
You should really be getting these for everyone in your life.
The temptation to gift your man just another pair of socks is real — especially when they’re a stickler about not wanting to switch out their favorite tees and pants. Ease him into accepting a new closet item with a simple-but-good=looking piece, like a sport anorak.
Surprise your Valentine with a thoughtful piece no one else will have, like this handmade leather wallet from Spanish brand, Cuero and Mor.
If the two of you aren’t quite ready for the commitment level of a kid (or even a pet), start off slow by testing your parenting abilities by growing a plant together. Welcome to relationships in 2018.
Nothing says the two of you are on the same page quite like a pro-female T-shirt. Give her this and she’ll hear the what you can’t quite put into words: “I love and respect you and am here to support you and the struggles you face everyday as a woman.”
This gift is the perfect I.O.U. when you’re both due for another international adventure.
Related Videoproduced by Brianna Donnelly; edited by Laura Conte.
The perfect gift for someone who you’ve personally witnessed shatter her phone one too many times.
A cute mug for any lucky cats in your life.
When you can’t always be there to keep them warm, this puffer coat will. (Someone get me a job at Hallmark, stat.)
Because you know that he’s the one who’s been sneaking away with your mask collection.
A loving (subtle) hint to your S.O. that dripping water from one end of your apartment to the other isn’t exactly ideal.
Have a best gal pal in your life? Split a pack of the new adult version of friendship bracelets.
When you’re out of town, at least you’ll know that your loved one has someone to sleep alongside.
Men can be stubborn sometimes — especially when it comes to buying things they need for themselves. Case in point, those ratty, old sneakers with holes in the toes and a heel that’s halfway peeled off. Use this Valentine’s Day to do for them what they can’t seem to do for themselves and finally replace those things.
The perfect gift set to get you — and your partner — in the mood.
Sometimes you’ve gotta get straight to the point.
Does your S.O. travel a lot for work? This uber comfortable travel pillow will keep them from coming home grumpy after a long day of planes, trains and automobiles.
There really is no better gift than one you can both wear.
A sweet coffee table gift to remember you by — described as, “an illustrated ode to the feelings of seeking, finding, and falling in love.”
Anyone who knows anything about the mysterious world of horoscopes (or at the very least, follows @notallgeminis on Instagram) can tell you that Valentine’s Day is to a Pisces what the Super Bowl is to a die hard Pats fan — major.
Now this is how you tell the one you love most that there’s a romantic vacation for two in their near future.
Just because your music tastes differ doesn’t mean there has to be trouble in paradise. With these sound cancelling headphones, you can listen to your Zeppelin while he bops to Ari (or vice versa) with no issues at all.
If the two of you aren’t quite ready for the commitment level of a kid (or even a pet), start off slow by testing your parenting abilities by growing a plant together. Welcome to relationships in 2019.
Is your S.O. constantly taking photos on his outdated iPhone 4? Give his camera (and his portfolio) an upgrade with this retro Polaroid camera.
A dual-use key charm is good. But if you’re ready to take the next step, a dual-use key charm with a spare set of keys to your apartment is even better.
A not-so-subtle way of implying that you’re ready to finally move in together.

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