This $17 Amazon Buy Makes My Desk Feel Super Streamlined
The inaugural thrill of showing off our post-holiday haul around town has been replaced by quietly reveling in our finally perfected home-office setups. According to a whole bunch of online shopping data collected (anonymously) from the past year, desk chairs topped the list of 2020’s most purchased items. And now, in the back-to-reality light of 2021, WFH products are still trending strong. The hottest buy across virtual carts currently? A $17 desk pad from Amazon. This unassuming-at-first-glance accessory received a featured sale spot in our roundup of Prime Day’s best home-office deals back in October — and the rest was Most Wanted history as it continued to rise in the top-shopped ranks throughout November, December, and all the way into January. With scores of R29 readers adding EMINTA’s Dual Sided Desk Pad to cart and over 12,000 Amazon reviews attributing to its 4.8-out-of-5-star rating, I decided to buy one for myself to see what the heckin’ hype was all about. Below, behold my findings on why you’d ever want to buy a desk pad in the first place, how this particular desk pad actually stacks up IRL (photo evidence included), and a sampling of some other pads I think are super.

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