This Dermatologist Says “Non-Comedogenic” Beauty Products Are B.S.
So what are those of us with acne-prone skin supposed to do? Firstly, forewarned is forearmed. Don’t blindly trust those scales you see online or start throwing out products simply because they contain supposedly pore-blocking ingredients. Pay attention to the
texture of your products, and go for light, water-based matte or gel-like products rather than those that are rich, heavy, or oil-based. Acne-prone skin will also benefit from exfoliating ingredients such as
salicylic acid and
retinol, which both work to unclog pores, preventing breakouts. And most importantly, if you wear makeup to camouflage blemishes, ensure you cleanse the skin thoroughly at the end of the day, with a makeup remover first and a proper, water-based cleanse to follow.