This Iconic Jonathan Adler Design Is A 4/20 Essential — For Non-Smokers, Too
“Ashtrays were such a thing of my youth — and I think they just went out of vogue, even though they have to exist,” Adler shared. Although a non-smoker, the designer still draws style-inspiration from the, “saucy, sassy, and subversive,” themes the taboo practice evokes (as encapsulated in his evocative
smoking-lip design). “In my youth head-shops were all about pewter dragons and goblins, rainbow-colored glass clowns and bongs, and it was kind of funny but not stylish,” Adler explained. “I thought the introduction of style in this set [for Higher Standards] felt perfect for me and fell very much in line with what I’ve always been doing and what I strive to do.” Ahead we round up our favorite Adler ashtrays-to-some and catchalls-to-others from his newest collection and a few from his older (but still powerful) classics. Scroll on to shop this major 4/20 decor-trend from a smoking or non standpoint — and more importantly, to join Adler with the rest of the aesthetic-libertines in a home style-inclusivity