This Is How Much Money Chris Harrison Has Made From The Bachelor
Harrison’s tenure as Host with the Most has come with a
lot of money. Though ABC has not disclosed his salary, apparently a
TV Guide article from 2011 (which has since been taken down) reported Harrison made $60,000 per episode. This is a whole lot of cash, but it’s even more staggering when you do the math. He has hosted 23 seasons of
The Bachelor, 14 seasons of
The Bachelorette, three seasons of
Bachelor Pad, and five seasons of
Bachelor in Paradise. If each season averages 10 episodes, that’s basically 45 seasons at an estimated $600,000 each. And if $60,000 was his rate per episode in 2011, we can only imagine he’s getting more buck nearly a decade later. Needless to say,
The Bachelor has made Harrison a rich man.