This Is Not The End For Green New Deal Championed By Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
But the Democratic leadership chose instead to revive a dormant U.S. House select committee on climate change, tapping Rep. Castor as the leader. The ban on campaign contributions specifically ruffled weathers among some representatives. Castor, a six-term congresswoman,
told E&E News the issue with that stipulation is that “I don’t think you can do that under the First Amendment, really.” Inadvertently or not, the Florida representative echoed the reasoning used by multinational oil and gas corporation Exxon Mobil Corp. in court when it defended funding right-wing think tanks that churn misinformation and denials about climate change on purpose. Castor also told E&E News that while she believes in some of the components of the Green New Deal, the proposal would not be the only focus of the committee.