This Is What Happens When Sustainable Fashion & Design Collide
The most noticeable (yet subtle!) aspect of the shop has to be the interior itself. True to the ethos of the EILEEN FISHER brand, every detail in
Making Space is recycled or responsibly sourced in some way, from the wood paneling of the ceiling to the packaging of the shopping bags. The lofty space also hosts community events — DIY workshops, panels, and weekly programming like Friday Night Wine — and fosters emerging talent with an Artists in Residence program where designers are invited to use the in-store studio and EF materials to create one-of-a-kind works that will be sold at Making Space. In addition, a collection called
Resewn — featuring previously owned pieces that have since been recycled, refurbished, or reimagined to preserve the value of the clothes at every stage of their life cycle — will also be available exclusively at the space.