This Size-Inclusive Legging Company Made Me Rethink Every Other Pair Of Leggings In My Closet
Unsurprisingly, soon after trying Girlfriend, that pile of unworn plain black leggings started to feel a little bit different to me. And while I haven’t quite donated or given away
all of those old black leggings yet, I do know that I won’t be purchasing another pair unless they’re Girlfriend. And, if my leggings do get worn out, I have the option to recycle them with
Girlfriend’s “ReGirlfriend” upcycle program. Trying leggings that I loved — that made me excited to put them on and wear out in the world — reminded me that just because an item is functional doesn’t mean it has to be boring. It doesn’t mean that item shouldn’t make us feel as good as possible. Clothing should bring us
all joy, even if it’s the type of clothing that has been deemed basic or boring. When you really
love a piece of clothing, it doesn’t matter what it is or where you’re wearing it, because it can never basic or boring in that case.