This Woman Is Shattering An Age-Old Stereotype About Black People & The Water
The experience turned into a lightbulb moment she used to spark AfroSwimmers. Not long after returning to the water, she quit her corporate job. With no clear business plan, she began teaching swim lessons at a private pool in Conyers, GA, and word spread. The drowning rates among Black people, which are disproportionately higher than those of white people, further motivated Singleton to combat preventable deaths in her community through aquatic services. AfroSwimmers began with these local classes, but after promoting awareness around these staggering statistics on her personal social media, creating an online presence for AfroSwimmers — the first group, she found, that not only provided swimming education but also unified Black swimmers across the country — and using her journey to prove that swimming is a form of wellness, Singleton amassed support and a loyal following within two years.

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