Trump Used Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder As A Political Prop But Never Called Her Family
In a new
Washington Post report, Tibbetts’ mother Laura Calderwood said that President Trump never contacted the family to offer his condolences after her daughter’s death, even as he used the murder as a prop to push his immigration agenda. In the wake of Tibbetts’ murder, her father Rob Tibbetts
defended the Latinx community and
penned an op-ed pushing against the use of his daughter as a pawn in the immigration debate. (The myth that immigrants, but specifically unauthorized ones, are
hardened criminals has been debunked
again.) Calderwood wholeheartedly agrees. She told the
Post that she hated hearing Tibbetts’ name come out of Trump’s mouth because his beliefs go against her daughter’s, who would had “wanted to welcome all immigrants who needed help.” After the murder, Calderwood honored her daughter’s ideals by taking in the teenage son of Mexican immigrants who fled the community amid increased tension after the crime.