Trump’s Rallies Might Have Been Huge — But They Might Have Hurt Him, Not Helped Him
Called the “Trump Rallies: Help or Hurt?” tally, the study looked at the last two weeks that Trump was campaigning before Election Day. It found that, out of 30 counties in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida where he held rallies, Trump’s 2016 margin only improved in five. And in the other 25? NBC News reports that “his margins of victory got smaller, his margin of defeat grew or the county flipped Democratic.” In Michigan, home of frequent Trump target Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Trump “held five events in the last two weeks of the campaign and in every one of those counties, his 2020 margins were worse than they were in 2016.” Considering that Michigan was a popular stop for Trump’s campaign, where he not only egged the crowd on to “rise up” against Whitmer and “lock her up,” but also made a plea to suburban women to show up to the polls for him, this is a huge failure.

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