Two Experts Answer Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Tiny Homes
What If I I’m A Total Clotheshorse?

This one hits close to home for us. Beckmann cautions, “If you are not ready to purge, you are not ready to go tiny. However, you’d be surprised at the storage options even in a 200 sq ft base model — kitchen cabinets, storage stairs, closet, loft storage, storage couch.” Keeping shoes in the kitchen cabinets does sound very Carrie Bradshaw, doesn’t it? (Not that she’s at all someone we imagine would be cut out for tiny living.)

Crabb agrees. “Everyone loves the idea of a simpler, cleaner, more direct life, but no one wants to get rid of their shit,” he admits. “However, good tiny home design is about making use of space that is generally wasted. Look at the sofa in your current home. You might see the place that you sit with your dogs while watching The Office. I see a drawer to hold 30 pairs of shoes in the gap between the sofa and the floor. And when you start thinking in this regard, you start to see little opportunities everywhere you look.”

“For example, I’m 6′ tall. Standard ceilings are 8′ tall. This means that in almost every house in the entire US, at least 2 feet of vertical space per foot is wasted that could be used for storage or a million other things,” Crabb explains. “What if you had a cabinet above your front door that stored all your shoes? You are about to leave, pull down the drawer, grab your shoes, and off you go. You have immediately saved yourself an entire closet’s worth of space by simply rethinking how a closet works.”

And then he said this, which gave us all of the hope: “Believe it or not, the biggest use-of-space issues are always with the outdoorsy minimalists: Yes, they only have one pair of pants, three socks, and headband, but they are always the clients who MUST HAVE storage for two kayaks, 18 mountain bikes (PS-why does everyone have so many mountain bikes?), five tents, 21 skis, snowboards, 764 pounds of ‘layers’ and a fucking yurt.” Suddenly, we don’t feel quite so high-maintenance.