Unexpected Hosting Hacks For The Ultimate Backyard BBQ

Repurpose household items for outdoor entertaining.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a backyard, a rooftop, or a patio, odds are you don’t also have a flawless set of matching lawn furniture. That said, you likely have plenty of things lying around that will be more than helpful for your soiree.

Set up your folding beach chairs around that old kiddie pool that’s been collecting dust since your frat formal, and fill it with ice and canned beverages. If you’ve got an expanse of grassy space, lay out your best gingham blanket and call it a picnic area. Shlep any stools you’ve got lying around the kitchen and use them to hold platters, lanterns, and those magic little candles that keep mosquitoes at bay. Fill your metal trash can with chilled bottles of wine, toss flowers in empty jars, secure your paper lanterns, and pat yourself on the back for your tremendous DIY efforts.