Vibrant Colors, Buzzcuts, & Freedom: This Is Non-Binary Hair In All Its Glory

I think from a cultural perspective a lot of people have this misconception that as soon as you have locs, a) you’re going to be Rasta and b) you’re going to smoke weed. But I’m half Jamaican and I have a mixture of cultures within me: Trinidad, English… I feel like a lot of people look at me and there’s a sense of disappointment to see how far I’ve gone with my hair. Culturally, when you grow your locs, you’re not meant to bleach or dye it, and if you do, people think it’s Westernizing your hair. It hasn’t necessarily been directed at me but that has made me reluctant in the past. Now, it’s less of an issue for me. Traditionally, across many cultures, piercings, tattoos, body modification, and hair have been statements, and I think combining all of that within my aesthetic makes me who I am.”