Watch One College Student’s Fierce & No-Fuss Beauty Routine
For some, it’s a musky, cool scent that makes them feel invincible, or a thick, sharp cat-eye that sets off their superpowers. For full-time student and beauty blogger Lynn Kate, however? It’s her full head of curls that inspires all kinds of confidence. And while she likes to keep it natural when it comes to her hair, she’s not afraid to experiment with the rest of her look. As a part of our ongoing
Power Faces series, Kate shares exactly how she achieves her bold beauty beat: a bright berry lip, lit-from-within highlighter, and a playful pop of color with
Alcon AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses. Check out her fierce full routine above, and see why we’re taking more than a few pages out of this Gen Z’er’s book.