Watch Prada Reinvent Its Iconic Nylon Bag With Adut Akech — & An Eco-Friendly Touch
The latest in the series takes viewers to Mahana Bay, deep in the ocean, off the coast of New Zealand where 640,000 tons of fishing nets are dumped each year. Together, Australian actor and Prada reporter Alex Fitzalan along with
National Geographic Explorer, Asha de Vos, a Sri Lankan marine biologist follow Rob Wilson, co-founder of Ghost Fishing New Zealand and a group of volunteers, to remove harmful ghost nets from the sea bed as part of the
Healthy Seas initiative. Once removed, the nets will be transferred to a textile yarn plant in Europe where it will be de-polymerized together with other nylon waste and recreated as Econyl regenerated nylon and woven into Prada Re-Nylon, used for the new Re-Nylon capsule collection.