We Asked 33 People How Much Time They Spend On Instagram Every Day

“I deleted the app off of my phone a couple of months ago. I didn’t like how much time I was spending on it, and I also didn’t like the way it made me feel. It’s hard for me to not compare my life to the lives of others on the platform — both people I know in real life, and people I’ve never even met. I would feel content, but then I would go on Instagram and feel bad about myself — how much money I had, my marriage, my weekend plans, and more. I also feel like it made me more cynical. I was starting to become a hater. Colleagues and friends would annoy me so much with their posts and their captions. I told myself that I wanted to like these people in real life, and if I didn’t have a clue about their over-posting about a vacation, dinner, or other event, I would actually be more interested in talking to them about these things in person, the old-fashioned way.” — Karen, 34, 0 minutes/day