We Asked 8 People With Spotless Apartments For Their Best Cleaning Advice
Occupation: Doctoral candidate

Age: 29

City: Cincinnati, Ohio

Were you always good at keeping your home clean and organized or was it a habit that developed later?
I wasn’t always so neat, especially about my bedroom space. It’s a habit I developed in college because of this “open door” policy. Keeping the door open signaled others on the hall to stop by to say hello. I would have been far too embarrassed to keep my door open if it was messy!

Is there something you do every day to help keep your space clean and organized?
I make my bed. It’s a simple, few minute task that gets me in the mindset of tidying up the rest of the bedroom. Even if no one of going to see it, just knowing I did it helps me start the day feeling organized. Likewise, I rarely leave dirty dishes overnight. Coming into a clean kitchen to start my breakfast and tea makes it feel like a brand new day full of possibility.

What is your best piece of cleaning advice?
If it takes just a few minutes, do it right away. It’s easy to throw a coat down on a chair and think, ‘I’ll hang it up after I put the groceries away’ but then leave it thrown over a chair or whatever until the next time you leave the house. It takes just seconds to slip a coat onto a hanger. In those seconds, the groceries will be fine. Long term, the habit adds up to keeping things tidy.