We Asked 9 Moms What They Really Want For Mother’s Day
Eliza Huber, Fashion Market Writer:

Why did you choose this item as something you think your mom would want? My mom’s been talking about finding a new purse for what feels like 10 years now. Seriously, I think she’s been carrying the same Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody since I was in middle school. She knows she needs a new one, but of course, just like every other mom on the planet, she won’t just go out and splurge on it for herself. That’s where I come in. I think she’d love this bucket bag by Danse Lente because it’s sturdy and despite being small, it can fit a ton of stuff. Also, I love how it’s both on-trend and simple, so she can have it for a long time.


What’s your favorite Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received? The homemade stuff. The Michelle Obama card you gave me with the great note. Once, your brother made me a card with tattoo ideas (this was when he was in high school). “Mom, I’m thinking of this design for my tattoo. Or maybe this one.” The last page was a heart drawing that says ‘Mom’, and the card ended with “but I love this one best.” Oh my, I melted for that one. Of course, he does not have a Mom tattoo!!

What’s an item that you actually want? I need a bag that lasts because if I love it and it works for me, I’m not gonna want to change it anytime soon. This one is cute, timeless, easy to clean — in other words, perfect for me.

What do you really NOT want for Mother’s Day? Anything generic from the mall.