We Finally Know Who Pierced Harry Styles’ Ear
Although Styles has yet to address his new piercing, we’re betting the story he reportedly told Chen is true.
Harry Lambert, Styles’ longtime stylist, told
Vogue UK on Tuesday that the earring was the cherry on top of Styles’ look, but was definitely a last-minute addition. “About four days ago, the day before I left to travel to New York, I was on Gucci’s website and
saw these pearl earrings,” Lambert explained. “Harry and I have discussed previously piercing his ears, and this was the perfect time. I texted him and he replied saying, ‘Let’s do it.’” Lambert probably didn’t intend for Styles to go ahead and do it himself. Let’s just hope that needle was sterilized because, let’s be real, there’s nothing chic about an
infected piercing.