We Road-Tested 5 Pairs Of Techy Commuter Shoes To See Which Ones Gave The Best Foot Hugs
My Thoughts: Overall, I really appreciated the thoughtful and luxurious construction details of this shoe. I got more compliments on the elegant flats than any other shoe I wore during the test — the extra-pointy toe is an elevated touch that sets the style apart from the more functional pack. Despite being woven from plastic, the shoe’s fiber feels smooth and almost velvety, which was a treat. One of
Rothy’s greater claims to fame is that the shoe is washable — so it seemed like fate, then, that I was wearing
The Point on the one and only day that I got caught in a rainstorm during the entire duration of this test. My shoes were, in fact, dry as a bone within a few hours, with no evidence of the torrential downpour I’d experienced the previous day. Cushioning is minimal on these soles, which wasn’t an issue for me, but something to take into consideration if you plan to walk a
lot in this particular style. Price points are higher compared to some of the others we tested, but is backed up by excellent quality.

The Takeaway: A well made, well-designed, rigorously sustainable option that can take a beating from the elements without losing its integrity. It’s also the most feminine-looking of the bunch, if that’s your thing.