We Tried Sephora’s Under-$20 Skin-Care Line — & Here’s What We Think
These exfoliating pads promise to slough away dead skin cell buildup and stubborn debris for a clear, smooth canvas. As someone with
rosacea, I try to stay away from any peels or heavy exfoliators — lest I end up with Hot Cheetos skin. I was nervous to try these pads out, but upon swiping one on my face, I realized it’s a lot gentler than I expected (thanks to the aloe vera in the formula). I’ve been using them off and on, but the real fan in my house is my boyfriend, who has been using them religiously to brighten up his skin after too much sun exposure and raves about the difference they’ve made. For our sensitive skin, they’re a great option, but if you’re looking for a heavy-duty peel pad, these might not be for you.