We Went Behind The Scenes To Learn How eBay Authenticates Its Designer Goods
When an individual seller lists an item that falls under eBay’s approved brand list, they can opt to have it ”verified” and shipped to eBay’s Southern California distribution center. “Once it comes to us, that’s when the magic happens,” says James. In a procedure that unfolds entirely under the scrutiny of security cameras, a machine-learning-technology called
Entrupy — a “microscopic camera,” he explains — captures a digital fingerprint for the item, not only vetting it for legitimacy but preventing any would-be scammers from returning a counterfeit version of the authentic piece they purchased. eBay staffers also create a bank of images for off-site authenticators to vet and analyze, and most importantly, engage two human experts who inspect the bags in person for the final, crucial step of IRL authentication. Hendy was insistent that this third check be in place: “We’re starting from the bottom up, so we have to have physical authentication.” The vetted pieces are then listed on
Eastvaleluxe, the site’s own designer-goods store, and fulfilled by eBay.