We’ve Tried Every Beauty Product By Glossier — Here’s What’s Worth The Hype
What sets
Glossier apart is the fact that it isn’t just a beauty brand — it’s a
lifestyle. It’s a Petra Collins dreamscape, the promise of a more beautiful world, a world that’s wallpapered in
Baker-Miller pink and where no matter which way you turn there’s a Byredo Burning Rose candle flickering out of the corner of your eye. It’s joining a cool, unconditionally supportive sisterhood every time you stock up on a
$12 lip balm, getting one step closer to owning the purposely disheveled air of an off-duty model with every spritz of your
perfume. (You can get even closer when you visit their
brand-new permanent retail HQ in NYC, which is like stepping into a Marie Antoinette dreamscape for the digital age.)