What 10 Women Really Think About Period Sex
“My partner and I, although not entirely opposed to it, are just not really into period sex. My partner has an IUD, so she hasn’t really had a period in a few years. I, however, do have a period, and the floodgates are open the first couple of days, so frankly, I’m not feeling very sexy or horny. I do tend to get very horny near the end, though. My period is very light then, so we usually do a couple of rounds between flows. We do use a lot of toys during sex, so it doesn’t bother us getting a little blood on them. We usually just avoid going down on each other. What I do like is my hormones working for me and hyping me up, helping me feel extra feisty. What I don’t like is… also my hormones. Although I can feel quite horny, I also have a range of emotions the other days. I also almost always feel bloated during my period, so I’m not always feeling sexy.” — Laura

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