What It Means To Be A VSCO Girl
Most social media users have likely come across a VSCO girl or two on their feeds. Along with casual fashion choices such as the aforementioned scrunchies and crop tops, or tube tops and baggy, faded graphic tees, the VSCO girl is also often associated with certain brands and styles. They like Vans, Crocs, and Birkenstocks — all the better for the beach, of course, which they drive to in their Jeeps. They carry their reusable metal straws and eco-friendly
Hydro Flasks (often decorated with stickers) in their
Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, right next to their Apple AirPods and
Fujifilm Instax cameras. They wear puka shell necklaces,
Pura Vida bracelets, and wire hair elastics, and they touch up their makeup-free looks with Carmex lip balm and
Mario Badescu facial spray. They regularly use internet-made slang, such as “sksksk” or
“and I oop,” in captions and conversation. They’re vocal about their environmental consciousness and are often young, white, skinny, and blonde.