What Ivanka Trump Was Really Like In High School
The January 1998 piece, first reposted by the Instagram account
@thankyouatoosa, run by Casey Lewis, profiles a 16-year-old Ivanka in her dorm room at Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, which she shared with two other girls. “Some people might be surprised I’m a normal teenager,” Ivanka, who is pictured striking a very ’90s cool-girl pose on a small wooden chair, told the magazine. The 15-by-11 feet room
is normal: Her wall is adorned with string lights, photographs of friends and family, and a poster of
Marilyn Monroe’s iconic skirt-flying-up photo. “There’s a lot of random themes from movies,” she said. There’s a black-and-white Robert Doisneau poster, which she purchased on the street in France, above her bed.