What Kamala Harris’ Campaign Meant To Women Of Color

“I think that we’re all inherently excited by someone who ‘looks like us.’ We want our representatives to share the diversity of our country. But for Kamala, it wasn’t just that she looked like a Black woman, but at her core she also understood the complex struggles of Black women in America. We watched her deal with them every day on the trail. The critiques she faced, the different set of standards she was held to, the way she and her campaign were discussed by pundits and the media, were so relatable to so many of us who know what it’s like to not be heard, to be discounted, to be the only one in the room, and to have that room be surprised when you open your mouth because you’re ‘different than what they expected.’ We were able to watch in real time, on a national stage, what it’s like to be a woman of color in America — and many still don’t get that. More than that, so many of us received a new example of what it means to be a successful woman of color. We’re too often put into a singular box but Kamala — a woman so incredibly intelligent, beautiful, tough, cool, funny, and kind — reflected the multidimensional experience we live each day.” 

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