Where Do Synthetic Wigs Go When We’re Done With Them?
A leading synthetic-hair innovation will soon be more widely available: Raw Society Hair has created the world’s first 100% compostable braiding hair extension using banana fiber extracted from the stem of banana trees. As the stem purely connects the fruit and the tree, it is a natural byproduct of farming; using it in this way gives it purpose, saves land use, and provides farmers with additional income. The brand is owned by Welsh sisters Cherry and Crystal Hinam, who emigrated to Australia in 2017 and have career backgrounds in human hair extensions and graphic design respectively. “We receive the raw product from Uganda. It arrives yellow in color, curly, and frizzy,” Cherry explains. “We then color and style it until it is ready to be used. Not only can the hair be reused, but it can also be curled and straightened.” With plans to sell direct-to-consumer as well as to businesses, the sisters are also about to launch a “zero” range, where color is applied without water or heat and is 100% natural.

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