“White Boy Summer” Might Be The Worst Idea We’ve Ever Heard
Hanks’ behavior has crossed the line into cultural appropriation and racism before, specifically when he tried to use Jamaican Patois at the Golden Globes and defended his right to say the n-word. (He later apologized for using the n-word, blaming his previous problems with drugs.) But even more concerning are the court documents with claims that Hanks abused his ex-girlfriend, Kiana Parker. According to Parker, Hanks broke her phone, physically pushed and grabbed her, and threatened to jump off a balcony if she left his hotel room. Parker recalled Hanks saying, “He was Chet Hanks and I wasn’t shit, no one would believe me, I was just a ghetto Black bitch.” In another incident, he reportedly verbally abused her, wielded a knife, and chased her around their house in Sugar Land, TX. In January, Parker was granted a temporary protective order.

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