Why Is Everyone Still Confused About How To Socially Distance?
Another example of coronavirus safety messaging that can cause confusion: Domino Park, a privately owned park in Brooklyn, NY, went to the effort to paint circles in the grass that are spaced six feet apart, to make it easier for people who want to relax on the grass to socially distance. It’s easy to see why people may infer that the circles are tacitly encouraging people to hang out outside. New York governor Andrew Cuomo, however, previously expressed dismay at the density of people congregating in green spaces, though he didn’t order anyone to stay inside. Meanwhile, the comments below social media posts that depict the loungers are equal parts encouraging and brutal: “I appreciate the leadership of the NYC government to open the city in a safe, evidence based manner. I would live to be in one if those circles — great work #nyc,” writes one commenter, while another simply says: “This is insanity. Stay at home!”

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