Why Pyer Moss Is So Special To Black Fashion Editors
On Sunday, Jean-Raymond continued to spotlight what it means to be black in America, with his three-part series, titled American, Also.
Lesson One was introduced February 2018, telling the untold stories of black cowboys,
Lesson Two explored “What does a mundane Saturday look like when we’re just left alone? What is black leisure wear?” The series concluded Sunday with Lesson Three, titled “Sister” in Kings Theater in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood. Brittney Escovedo, the founder of
Beyond 8, the experiential event production company that has produced all of Pyer Moss’s shows, pulled this season’s production together in three weeks. “This show was all about
Rosetta Tharpe, the Godmother of Rock’n’Roll. The show is about women, their strength, their power,” she tells Refinery29. “We start from there and build out.”