Yes, Your Skin-Care Routine Should Change From Summer To Fall. Here’s How One Editor Does It.
Now onto the extras, aka the accessories in a routine that’s shaping up to have more parts than a look by a designer with a post-apocalyptic-guerilla aesthetic. While clay keeps my complexion balanced in the heat, soon, I’ll trade in the kaolin for rich cream textures and Everyday I’m Bubblin’, a cleansing mask that flushes out pores with a fizzy effect that recalls a famous movie scene in which an imposter nanny dunks her face into a frosted cake to avoid detection. And on days where a rose quartz roller straight from the deep freeze isn’t enough to de-puff my under-eyes for a camera-on Zoom, I’ll stick on a pair of Eye Look Rested patches, which I also keep in the fridge.

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