You Don’t Have To Change Yourself To Run For Office
VoteRunLead’s mission is to make sure every woman knows that she doesn’t have to change herself to seek elected office. The
idea of electability is not only veiled in sexism, it’s tired, and we declare it over. Running just as you are is the only way we all win. VoteRunLead’s program uniquely trains women to Run As You Are. With Run As You Are, we are training women to see their strengths, to trust their instincts, to prioritize their lived experience, and to know that they are enough. And we know it works. We’ve trained over 30,000 women to run for office and win. Over 50% of VoteRunLead candidates won their elections in 2018 and of those who won, 96% ran for local office. These women — rural women, trans women, young women, moms, and women of color — won their races not by playing by an old rule book, but by living their own story and creating their own rules with the support of our training program.